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Well, I don’t have time right now for a full post, but I do have some content in the form of past questions from friends that I will extrapolate in the future.

In the mean time, all of you should check out the following photography blogs for some great information/tutorials/photography.

The Dark Tower at Twilight by Justin Kern

The Windy Pixel – This a great blog – pictures posted every day; always with a story behind them.  Up until a couple weeks ago, a majority of them were Chicago themed.  There’s probably many blogs like this for different cities, but obviously Chicago is close to my heart.  Click on any of the pictures to redirect to Justin Kern’s Flickr page.  (Even Roger Ebert noticed Justin’s work – click here)

The Flickr Blog – a daily compilation of pictures from Flickr users that contribute to the theme for that day. usually pretty interesting.  The most fun part is clicking on the pictures to get to other user’s photostreams and seeing what type of photography interests them.

Lightstalking – just click around. you’ll find some cool stuff.

Digital Photography School – there’s three sections to this site: “Photography Tips & Tutorial,” “Cameras & Equipment,” “Post Production.”

Ken Rockwell – different photographers have different opinions of Ken Rockwell, especially because he’s sometimes biased towards Nikon.  But if you’re looking for a review of a Nikon camera or lens, or if you have a photography technique question, there’s some good information on his site.

I’ve got a couple different topics lined up for posts in the near future.  Remember – send me your questions or your suggestions for future posts.  I’d be happy to write about them.

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    danielbajusz 18 Aug ’10

    Sooo busy lately sir, what have you been up to?

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