2 Megapixels [3] – “Ork”

Hopefully you all enjoy this iPhone picture as much as I do.  Earlier this month, I announced on my other blog – World Wide Wilson – that I will be relocating to Austin, Texas, in the middle of October for a job promotion.  My girlfriend and I have always admired the cool posters over at OrkPosters especially the Chicago one. I actually planned on buying her one of these posters for her birthday, but she beat me to it. Something by which to remember Chicago.  Thanks, Katie!  This image was edited in Adobe Photoshop Express and then touched up in Adobe Photoshop CS3. Also, it is the current lock screen background for my iPhone.

I will soon be getting a work phone as part of the job promotion – a BlackBerry Tour, which has a 3.2 MP camera.  I will be giving my iPhone to my sister.  This probably means that this series of photographs will simply be renamed to 3.2 MP from that point on.  Stay tuned…

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