A Night at the Fair

This post includes several photos from Frontier Days, a yearly summer festival at Frontier Park in Arlington Heights, IL.  I brought my Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lens and my Nikon D50 body, the lightest setup I own, and tried to capture as much low-light imagery that I could.  I would have brought my tripod, but I wanted to stay as mobile as possible.

All these shots were edited in Adobe Lightroom tonight after sitting safely on my external hard drive for a couple months.  Classic: I take a bunch of pictures, transfer them to my hard drive, plan on editing them, forget about those pics, check back on them, decide that there were some “post-worth” images, edit, and post.  Expect several entries in the future to old pictures – possibly several years old.

I also won a stuffed monkey in the shoot-the-water-gun-into-the-small-hole-for-$3, but I gave it to my friend Kelly.  What am I going to do with a stuffed monkey?

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    danielbajusz 5 Sep ’10

    lol mike looks so jacked up. i always have that image of him from 8th grade… def not the same

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