The Scharnett Wedding

My last blog post was a selection of pictures from a wedding where I WASN’T the official wedding photographer.  The photographer for Zac & Lisa’s wedding was a guy who kept referring to himself as “Uncle Brian,” making corny jokes, doing strange dance moves, and making everyone feel a little awkward.  I’m sure his pictures were nice, but he pretty much stuck to the formals – nothing extremely creative, from what I saw.

Thankfully, I was the main photographer for Paul & Anne (McLain) Scharnett’s wedding.  I say thankfully because the weekend was a TON of fun.  I lived with Paul for two (or three) years in college – it’s all a blur now; and I knew Anne really well since she lived in the girls’ house next door to our guys’ cooperative.  This wedding was a mini-reunion of sorts, which every “Koin-Strat” wedding seems to be.  But, being the photographer, I got to spend most of the ENTIRE weekend with a group of great people.

I hope the pictures that I deliver will portray the love and excitement that Paul & Anne share for each other.  Since this was my first wedding and I was shooting solo, there are a couple things I would do differently in the future.  But overall, I’m happy with the pictures so far – I’m still a little ways from being done with editing them all.  Here’s a bunch that are done.  Click on any of them for a larger version.  ENJOY!  And comment if you have suggestions/thoughts/criticisms.  I’ll be posting several more pictures in the future. Keep checking back!


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    pscharnett 1 Sep ’10

    BILSON!!! These look amazing, buddy!-Paul

  2. Reply
    Melissa 1 Sep ’10

    Billy, I really, really love these! Too bad when/if I get married you'll probably be charging LOADS of money to shoot weddings. 🙂

  3. Reply
    Anne 1 Sep ’10

    Billy, these are seriously amazing. I love, love, love them!! You are fabulous! :o)

  4. Reply
    rachel 13 Sep ’10

    yay! as a future customer, i am pleased. 🙂

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