The Wow Factor

I’ve been doing some experimenting with different editing on my photographs – mainly some of the wedding photos that I took this summer.  As my fiancee and I have been looking for a photographer for our wedding, I’ve realized that there is a certain style that I really like; that I’d like to be able to emulate and produce with my images.  Characteristics that categorize this style are lots of natural light, lens flares, lots of DOF (depth of field), and slight color alterations to make the image less “vivid” and more natural. Since my wedding photography style is still evolving, I re-edited two of the pictures from Zac and Lisa’s wedding with these things in mind.  The original edit and the re-edit of both of them are posted below.  I titled this post “The Wow Factor” because I think that the two new versions of these pictures create just that when compared to the previous images.  See for yourselves.

“Wedding Bubbles” (re-edit)
“Wedding Bubbles”
“Bright Feeling” (re-edit)
“Bright Feeling”

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