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Hey everyone! I apologize for not posting more images recently, but I hope you enjoy this one. I sure do.  For a little background – this picture was taken during an afternoon that Katie and I spent walking around downtown Chicago last summer. I think it was either the 4th of July or the day before. It was a really hot afternoon, and I really wanted to take one of these boats out on the lake. Anyway, I didn’t bring my Nikon with me, so we ended up taking all the pictures that day with her Canon point and shoot. This picture goes to show you that not all good photographs have to be taken with an expensive camera/lens setup. As long as you can frame a shot and get good lighting, it’s all about using the editing tools at your disposal to obtain an end result.

Below i have posted a two-image slideshow that demonstrates this picture before and after, which I thought might be interesting to everyone. I used Adobe Lightroom 3.0 to create the “after” image seen above and in the slideshow below. I’d love to hear your thoughts, criticisms, and/or questions in the Comments section below.  Remember, almost all of the images you see on my blog are also for sale on RedBubble!

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    Ellen Anderson 29 Jan ’11

    Right now I use Picasa for editing, don’t have Photoshop, but eventually would like to invest in Elements perhaps. Looking at purchasing a good photo printer such as an Epson or Canon. What do you use? Thanks! Love your site and pictures! Ellen (Dyke) Anderson

    • ivwilsoniv 29 Jan ’11

      To edit this picture, I used Adobe Lightroom 3.0. I would definitely recommend purchasing either Photoshop Elements or Lightroom 3.0, as they both offer great options for editing photos. Lightroom has tools that Photoshop Elements doesn’t and vice versa. I’ve found it much easier to edit multiple photos and get the desired results using the interface that Lightroom provides. As for the photo printer, I don’t have one! That’s one thing that I plan on investigating soon. Thanks for the compliments!

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