Chicago Beauty III

I decided that I’m going to cap this series at four posts – partially because I plan on having some of Ryan and Julie’s engagement pictures to post from this past weekend’s photo shoot and also because this is the “Fourth Photography” blog.  It wouldn’t make much sense to have a series that exceeded “IV.”

Anyways, the below image is a little different than the ones in the previous two entries.  In those pictures the coloring of the sky was a primary element if not the primary element.  Although the sky still plays a big role in the composition of the below image, I took this picture about an hour earlier.  The sunset had not yet begun to paint the sky.

This picture has two main themes: contrast and architecture.

Contrast of the dark structure to the sky.  I could have done this image in black & white, due to the minimal impact of color.  But I liked the subtle affect of browns vs. blues.

The architecture of Lake Point Tower (you can read more about the building at this link and see more pictures of it here).  I cropped the original photo to isolate this building from a couple other buildings that were on the left side.  If I knew what the architectural characteristics of Lake Point Tower were I’d elaborate, but I’m a mechanical engineer, not an architect.  My grandpa told me that architecture was for engineers who didn’t “get the math,” so i decided to be an engineer instead.  Now I’m in sales and I have a photography blog…  Enjoy!  (P.S. Click on the picture if it’s too big for your screen)

“Solitary Sky”

Technical Info – Nikon D300 | Exposure: 1/4000 | Aperture: f/4 | ISO: 200 | EV: 0 | Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom 3

Solitary Sky

Solitary Sky

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