Ryan and Julie’s Engagement Photos

How fun are these pictures?

Ryan and Julie are two fun people, so it only makes sense that we’d visit a lot of cool places and have a great time while shooting their engagement pictures.  It was awesome to get to know Ryan and Julie better, and I got to see a lot of Austin that I hadn’t seen before.  It would have been hard to recommend places to go for good “Austin-esque” pictures since I’m so new to town, but Julie knew all the spots.  This was definitely an Austin-inspired photo shoot.  She had a lot more good ideas too, but there was just no way we could fit them all into one afternoon.  You can see more photos in my Facebook album here – Ryan & Julie.  Congrats to both of you!


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    Ryan 17 Apr ’11

    Hey Bill, you did a fantastic job for us man. The weather wasn’t the greatest that day, but you still produced some amazing photos. We may have picked the sites, but you were the expert on creating the angles, poses and shots. Thank you. And your patience with us on everything was also very much appreciated!

    • ivwilsoniv 18 Apr ’11

      Ryan, it was my pleasure. I’m glad that they turned out so well!

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    Jenna 18 Apr ’11

    Wow, these are awesome! I love the one from behind at the lake. So pretty.

    • ivwilsoniv 18 Apr ’11

      Thanks, Jenna! I knew that one was a keeper as soon as I took it!

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