Texas Fields

I originally planned on spending this past Saturday evening at the batting cages for about an hour.  But after I drove over to the nearest location and found that they closed at 6 PM and not 9 PM as Google Maps told me, I decided to return to my apartment and grab my camera (all these images were taken with my D300 and my Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8).  I had noticed this empty field right across the street from my apartment complex a couple weeks ago and wanted to go over there during the “golden hour” to get some shots.  As the sun was slowly setting, I spent about 45 minutes out there taking pictures – the results of which you can find in this blog entry, in my next blog entry, and daily on Flickr for the next week or so.  Next time I do engagement photos here in Austin, I think this would be a perfect location.  Feel free to comment with your thoughts and share via Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks!

Yellow Friends

Windswept Grasses

Field of Gold

Texas Sun


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    Eden 23 May ’11

    Nice shots. Really like the light in the last one.

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    Vanessa 23 May ’11

    Love them Billy!!! SO pretty!

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    Anne 23 May ’11

    These are fantastic! Can’t wait to see the rest!

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    […] Fields, Part 2 In my last post, I summarized the story behind these pictures.  I also said that I would post this blog entry last […]

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