I Dream of Chicago

I’ve had this song in the back of my mind since I heard it on the last episode (ever) of The Chicago Code on Fox.  Although this isn’t really a “photography” themed post, I do like the artistic quality of this music video, and the song is really good too.

Parlours – I Dream of Chicago


I wasn’t planning on including any images with this post, but I changed my mind while I was writing it.  So here’s a couple cold, dreary Chicago images from the archives to accompany the Chicago tunes for your ears.


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    Eden 2 Jun ’11

    Both great shots, but I’m really loving the haziness in the first one 🙂

    • ivwilsoniv 2 Jun ’11

      Thanks! I thought the haziness fit the “dreamy” theme pretty well. Both of these were taken on St. Patrick’s Day 2010 in downtown Chicago. Typical March weather in the Windy City.

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    Meliha 18 Jun ’11

    Nice! Like the last picture and of course that song by Parlours is great…. 🙂

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