The Capitol, Part 4

While i was originally going to make this a 5 part series, I’ve changed my mind and decided to post two pictures with this (final) post.  I’m glad to finally have some solid “Austin” pictures, more of which can be seen on my Facebook Fan Page!  But as much as I’m learning to love Austin, I can’t wait to be back in Illinois in 5 days!  I’m the photographer (with help from my fiancee) for my good friend Rachel Messier’s wedding in Bloomington, IL next Saturday and then be working from my company’s HQ in the Chicago suburbs for the week after that. Then, on August 13, I’m getting married!  In case you were wondering, I’m not going to be the photographer at my own wedding, but I will have all my gear with me in the unlikely scenario that something unfortunate happens.  Always ready.

A variety of posts will be coming in the future, but I don’t know when due to my crazy schedule in the month of August!  Maybe I’ll write about some of the gear upgrades and other stuff I’ve done to get ready to be the main photographer at a wedding for only the second time.  I’ve sure learned a lot since then, and can’t wait for Rachel’s wedding.  Anyways, I hope you like these last two pictures from the Texas State Captiol series.  I feel like HDR always looks better while using a wide-angle lens…  Click for a larger version!

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    Judy 31 Jul ’11

    Beautiful pictures. What is that building in the back upper right? The symmetry is so good except for that! Have you sent these to the city or capitol? Someone should want to put these on brochures!

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