My apologies for not posting in quite a while.  Although camera issues are probably the worst thing for a photographer, computer issues would be a close second these days, at least for all of us who only shoot digital.  And unfortunately, I had some connectivity issues at the end of 2011 that seem to have been resolved now that I reinstalled Windows and all the programs that I need.  I think it’s beneficial to do a complete system reboot every once in a while and backup all your important data.  (All you Mac snobs can just keep your Windows opinions to yourselves, haha.  My Windows 7 machine does everything I need it to for half the price.  If I have to reinstall Windows every 2 years, so be it.)  Anyways, during my “down time,” I had several good ideas for new posts that should be coming up here shortly, including a BEST OF 2011 post.  If anyone has anything else they’d like to see, please let me know.

Below are some “Winter” images – the ones of the lunar halo (caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere) I just took on Saturday, but the Christmas images are belated due to the aforementioned computer issues.  Consider this my annual Merry Christmas post to you, including my favorite picture of our first Christmas together as “The Wilsons.”

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