Emerson Leigh | 8.16.2012

Our good friends Trent and Amanda asked if we would be willing to do a newborn photography shoot for their beautiful daughter Emerson. We happily obliged – not only is it a joy to take pictures of wonderful, new life, Katie and I really enjoy spending time with the Thompsons and their older daugher, Kinley.  Also, I was really eager to try out my new lens.  It was my first time working with an infant, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  But Amanda was super helpful – she even sent me some picture ideas beforehand and links to a few other blogs with beneficial pointers for baby photography).  It took Emerson a little while to calm down, but once she fell back to sleep, the shoot was a breeze.  Emerson is 16 days old today – we hope you enjoy her photos.  Click on any of them to enlarge and feel free to leave comments!













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    Anne 2 Sep ’12

    I LOVE these!! They are so beautiful! I was wondering if you’d ever do something like this. It went really well! 🙂

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    Heather Hutchison 2 Sep ’12

    The photos of Emerson are brilliant ! You truly captured her sweet little personality and ways… in these beautiful photos…I love the one of Emerson, with Kinley in the background ! Thank you …thank you …thank you !!!! GiGi

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    Linde 2 Sep ’12

    These are wonderful! Thanks for taking such sweet and beautiful pictures of my precious niece!

  4. Reply
    Bri 9 Sep ’12

    LOVE the one with Amanda! Too precious!

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