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Another beautiful family welcomed an addition this past year!  We had so much fun taking these pictures of the Campbells and their 6 month old daughter, Kate.  She was such a happy girl and seemed to be enjoying every moment of the photo shoot.  When Becky got in touch with me and said that she wanted to take pictures in “tall grass,” it couldn’t have worked out any better.  There is a big field across the street from our apartment that I’ve been wanting to use for quite a while, and I was really excited with how the pictures turned out.  Hopefully you enjoy them too!

Family Sessions-9 Family Sessions-10 Family Sessions-11 Family Sessions-17Family Sessions-12 Family Sessions-13 Family Sessions-14 Family Sessions-15


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    Anne 22 Dec ’12

    I really love the one with Kate sitting in the chair looking at the grass. 🙂

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    Becky Campbell 23 Dec ’12

    Thanks, Bill! We had so much fun and love the tall grass – just what I was envisioning! Thanks to you and Katie for your great talent!

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