Eleanor Lively | 01.03.2013

What a blessing to be able to take pictures of this tiny bundle of joy for our first photo session of the year!  When Cora and Will told us back in November that they wanted us to photograph their baby once she was born, we were so excited.  It was a pleasure to meet little Eleanor, and we tried our best to capture her beauty in these images.  I do have to admit that newborn sessions are some of my favorite, especially if the baby is sleeping (which sometimes happens and other times doesn’t).  Will & Cora were so accommodating, and it was great getting to know them better during the session too!

P.S. – my favorite part of the entire shoot can be seen in her “portrait” below (the fifth photo down); you can see my reflection and her mother’s reflection in Eleanor’s big round eyes. So awesome!
















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    Anne 23 Jan ’13

    Can…. you move back to Illinois when we have our baby so you can photograph it? Pretty please? These are super gorgeous.

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