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I don’t normally do blog posts with 30+ pictures, but I also haven’t done a “Best Of” post in a long time. Actually, I didn’t even do one for 2011, so it’s been quite a while. Anyway, since my Adobe Lightroom tells me that I took approximately 10,000 photos in 2012, I’ll be splitting up my Best of 2012 blog post into 3 entries: “Places,” “Artistic,” and “People.”  It was too hard to put them all in one post, especially since my wife and I got the opportunity to travel to Europe last March (we left a year ago today).  The below images were hand selected for the “Places” category – as you’ll see, a lot of them are from England or France, which was expected!  I never even really did any blog posts about our trip to Europe – there were just too many pictures and too many stories.  Overwhelming.  Maybe I’ll still do that in the future, but not right now.  A few pictures from Austin also made the cut at the bottom, but unfortunately none from Chicago – still my favorite place to photograph, but I didn’t get back there with my camera very much last year.  Alright, enough words – enjoy the pictures.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I took the equivalent of 416 rolls of film last year.  Crazy.

Tower of London


Tower Bridge – London, England


Tower Bridge – London, England


View of downtown London from Tower Bridge


The London Eye


Big Ben (and bus)


Big Ben and Parliament


The Radcliffe Camera – Oxford, England


The Radcliffe Camera – Oxford, England


Notre Dame – Paris, France


Ceiling of Notre Dame – Paris, France


Inside Notre Dame – Paris, France


Ceiling of the basement chapel in Saint-Chapelle – Paris, France


Main cathedral in Sainte-Chapelle – Paris, France


Sainte-Chapelle – Paris, France


The Eiffel Tower




The Palace of Versailles


The grounds behind the Palace of Versailles


The Arc de Triomphe


Sacre Coeur – Paris, France


Bohemian Market – Paris, France


St. James Park – London, England


The National Gallery – London, England


Millennium Bridge & St. Paul’s Cathedral – London, England


The London Eye (foreground) & Big Ben and Parliament (background) – London, England


The London Eye


The London Eye


The Texas State Capitol – Austin, Texas


The Texas State Capitol – Austin, Texas


Fourth of July fireworks over Austin, Texas


Downtown Austin, Texas



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    Anne 5 May ’13

    Is it too late to wonder where your “Best of 2012 – People” and “Best of 2012 – Artistic” albums are? 🙂

    • Bill W. 6 May ’13

      I had the “People” one created as a draft but hadn’t added any commentary yet! It’s posted now, so go check it out. Thanks for paying attention! I have a few other things I need to post first, but I’ll put up the “Artistic” one here soon too.

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