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Welcome to the new Fourth Photography blog layout!  After a few years with the old, graphically-focused theme, it was time for an update.  Hopefully this new design is more reader-friendly, easier to navigate, and functional!  Even though I loved the look of the previous layout, one of the largest complaints was the inability to scroll thru multiple posts from the homepage.  This has been addressed with the new theme, along with some other items.

In my opinion, the blog header is one of the most important areas.  If you can’t get where you want to go or easily find what you need to find from the header, just forget it.  Several improvements have been made to the Fourth Photographer header, as shown below.  My logo has been enlarged & centered, the menu bar has been improved (and also centered), and the search function is now located right there!  Not only are these changes aesthetically pleasing, but hopefully they will also help make the blog much more navigable for you, the reader!

Additionally, the blog footer is a useful area that was completely missing from my previous layout, and this new theme allowed for easy customization of this space.  I moved the “Archives” feature to the footer (from the header menu) and have added a “Tag Cloud,” which aggregates the words I use to tag my posts and creates a list where the size of each word is based on how frequently it is used.  The irony of “Recent Posts” being located in the new footer is that my entire homepage on my previous design was basically a graphical representation of my recent posts.  Now this function is just a footnote, which is fine because you can just scroll thru recent posts.  Awesome!  Finally, a link to my Facebook Page has also been added to the footer – LIKE ME!

New Blog Footer-1

When I started this blog, its purpose was to provide an outlet for my photography hobby, and it continues to serve that purpose.  I’m excited about this new design, and all the new images that will be hosted here.  Keep coming back and checking for new stuff!  Feel free to leave comments, suggestions about the redesign, suggestions for new posts, or any questions below.  Thanks!

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    Katie 26 May ’13

    Looks good! I like the new theme~

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