Everett Michael | Baby Photography

A few highlight images from my photo session with little Everett Michael. I’ve known Everett’s mom for basically my whole life – we went to school together from Kindergarten all the way thru high school.  Their family still lives in Illinois, and although we had initially planned on doing a newborn session during my trip home in September, Everett took a few extra days to arrive!  The timing didn’t work out for that shoot, but we found a way to make it work 3 months later.

Everett is a happy little guy, and I had to make sure to get some close-ups of those big blue eyes. We’re really glad we got the chance to meet him and take some pictures!  Enjoy!







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    Shawna 13 Jan ’14

    I love the last one! That’s my favorite… Billy and Katie are a really great team!

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    Dawn Pakaski 13 Jan ’14

    Pics are great. The last one shows his cute little chin with a dimple in it. And his eyes are beautiful.
    Wonderful job.

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    Regina Krieger 14 Jan ’14

    Regina Krieger

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    Laura 14 Jan ’14

    Pictures are great. I have to say the last picture is the cutest with his dimple in it, Everett Michael has my mother blue eyes, which is Shawna grandmother.

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    Bianca Loza 14 Jan ’14

    He literally need to be a pampers baby or something. He’s too adorable!

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