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Malorie Bridals

I’ve been really hit-or-miss recently (mostly miss) with blog posts and updates on here, but Malorie was definitely not a “miss” in her bridal portraits.  These are from last year, and I can’t believe I hadn’t posted them yet!  How awesome did she look!  I’ll also be posting highlights from their wedding a little bit later, but for now, just enjoy these images taken on a warm summer afternoon in Austin.  Some of these were taken on the grounds of the Capitol and even inside – we weren’t sure whether this would be a problem, but it ended up being the perfect setting.













Jonathan & Malorie | Austin Engagement Photography

Get used to seeing Malorie and Jonathan on the blog! We had a whirlwind photography “relationship” with these two. Six weeks from their wedding, we did this awesome engagement shoot in balmy downtown Austin, then we did a bridal session with Malorie a few weeks before their wedding, and we just had a blast shooting their wedding this past weekend (several of these engagement photos were prominently featured at the wedding, which is always cool to see). Photos from the bridal session and wedding are upcoming – like I said, get used to seeing these two smiling faces. We’re so glad we got to be Jonathan and Malorie’s photographers, and we think these engagement photos turned out great. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get them up – I’ve had a little backlog to get caught up on. Anyway, enjoy the love and laughter of this cute couple below.











The Lorimer Family | Austin Family Photography

What a joy it was to get together with these four to take their pictures. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or a nicer family!  I’ve known Courtney for a while now, through work, and had heard a lot of stories about her family – especially about her two kids, Luke and Kate.  It was awesome to finally meet them.  Luke was quite the character and always had a smile on his face; Kate was okay with the pictures to start, but then decided it was time to start exploring and didn’t want to pose anymore!  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures that resulted – a beautiful Texas afternoon and a beautiful Texas family!