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January Sunset

Austin, thus was your sunset on January 29, 2013. Now you will never forget.

Jan29-Sunset-1 Jan29-Sunset-2 Jan29-Sunset-3 Jan29-Sunset-4

New Lens | Around the Apartment

I bought a new lens this weekend – a Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 (don’t worry, I didn’t pay the MSRP) – and wanted to try it out around the apartment.  The lens is super awesome.  Hope you like the pictures. I’ll be following up this blog post with a new “before/after” feature that will show some of the edits on these pictures.  Can’t wait to debut the new feature (once I get the kinks worked out)!

Our fiddle leaf fig tree.

A tree near our apartment pool.

 New shoes.


Bloom: Before and After

I PROMISE that Europe pictures are coming soon, but I couldn’t help myself with this one – it just needed more attention.  The featured image for this post is titled “Bloom,” and it’s also featured in the previous blog entry.  Bloom is one of those pictures I took, reviewed on my camera screen, and knew right away that I was going to love the final product.  I also knew that what I saw on my camera screen wouldn’t be nearly the same as the final product.  Normally, I don’t let everyone in on the behind-the-scenes stuff, but this time, I decided to do just that.

I use Adobe Lightroom pretty extensively to enhance every picture before I publicize it.  Lightroom is an essential tool for importing picture files, selecting the photos I want to edit, publishing them, and creating archives of old “albums” of imported images.  Most people think about Photoshop when they hear “editing photos,” but I haven’t touched Photoshop in months.  IN FACT, I only have Photoshop Elements installed on my computer right now – not even a full version of Photoshop.  Anyways, I used almost all the “weapons” in the Lightroom “arsenal” to get the final product just the way I wanted.