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The Campbell Family | Austin Family Photography

The Campbells are back on the blog! We did a family photo session for Matt, Becky, and Kate last year under completely different weather conditions. That day, it was bright, crisp, and beautiful outside; this year, it was cold, rainy, soggy. Unfortunately, the first indoor location we selected for this year’s photo session, as a result of the weather, was occupied by a special event, so we had to improvise again. In the end, it all worked out, and we got some great pictures of this beautiful family! There’s a lesson for you young photographers – always be ready to be flexible!




The Lorimer Family | Austin Family Photography

What a joy it was to get together with these four to take their pictures. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or a nicer family!  I’ve known Courtney for a while now, through work, and had heard a lot of stories about her family – especially about her two kids, Luke and Kate.  It was awesome to finally meet them.  Luke was quite the character and always had a smile on his face; Kate was okay with the pictures to start, but then decided it was time to start exploring and didn’t want to pose anymore!  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures that resulted – a beautiful Texas afternoon and a beautiful Texas family!

Jimmy & Vanessa (and Family) | Austin, TX

It’s been awesome getting to know Vanessa and Jimmy over the last few years, and we had an amazing time taking their engagement pictures and soon-to-be family pictures earlier this month.  They’re so much fun!  Thankfully, it didn’t get too hot this afternoon, and we were able to enjoy Butler Park without completely melting.  First, we did some family pictures, then split off from the kids for the engagement shots.  We were so excited to hear about their engagement and can’t wait to photograph the wedding too.  Congrats!