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Jonathan & Malorie | 8.15.2014

The long-awaited Lee wedding blog post is finally here.  But seriously, this is totally my fault for not sharing this amazing couple and their beautiful wedding with the world before now.  It’s always my favorite when you can just tell that two people were made for each other and totally complete each other.  Not only that, but they are two awesome people in general!  We got to know Jonathan and Malorie a little before the wedding through some mutual friends, and were really honored to be able to be involved in their big day.  The timing couldn’t have worked out better for photography – the ceremony ended right around golden hour, and we were able to get some of my favorite wedding images in their first moments as husband and wife, just the two of them together.  Scroll down a bit and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’ll consider this blog post a one year anniversary present to them since it’s been 367 days since they got married now.  I promise to be much better about blogging in the future.  We haven’t had any weddings so far this year – taking it easy after moving into a new house and traveling a little bit.  But we’ll be back in the game here with some upcoming posts in the near future.  But focus on this one for now – GO JONATHAN AND MALORIE! HAPPY ONE YEAR!

Kedzuch Maternity Session | Austin Maternity Photography

Josh & Anna are expecting their first child in a few months, and I had the fortunate opportunity to take some maternity photos for them!  We were watching the weather closely in December, and it turned out to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon with lots of sunlight as you can see below.  Josh is originally from Chicago, and Anna is from New Orleans, they met in Kentucky, but their little baby will be a Texan!  They’re an awesome couple, and it was great to hang out with them and get some beautiful photos of Anna, the baby, and the start of their new family.  Keep an eye on the blog for some newborn photos of baby Kedzuch in the next few months!







The Lorimer Family | Austin Family Photography

What a joy it was to get together with these four to take their pictures. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or a nicer family!  I’ve known Courtney for a while now, through work, and had heard a lot of stories about her family – especially about her two kids, Luke and Kate.  It was awesome to finally meet them.  Luke was quite the character and always had a smile on his face; Kate was okay with the pictures to start, but then decided it was time to start exploring and didn’t want to pose anymore!  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures that resulted – a beautiful Texas afternoon and a beautiful Texas family!