Recommended Sites

Below are some links to pages (blogs, websites, etc.) that I visit for inspiration or information.  Some belong to my friends, as I’ve noted, and others simply belong to talented photographers or bloggers.  One day, I hope to be half as good at photography as any of these people.


Daniel Bajusz: An old high school friend, who is now an Oakland based photographer/art director.  Also, he now shoots Canon (I have most of his old Nikon gear).

Robb Davidson: This guy loves what he does, and it shows in his photography. When I have photog-related questions, I usually go to him for answers!

Brittany Schuyler: New to the photography landscape, Brittany just started a blog. I’ll be following along, so I think you should too.

Jasmine Nicole Photo: Jasmine is growing her lovely portfolio, doing weddings, engagements, and other portraits, and having lots of fun while doing it.

Scott Turner Photo: Scott has no fear tackling a wide range of subjects, and does it well.  Originally from Ohio (like me), he now lives in Chicago (like I did), which means he takes pictures of Chicago (which means I like those pictures) among other things.

Stemware Floral: A friend from Austin, Anne now lives in San Antonio and is passionate about her floral business. From her website: “She embraces any challenging event or circumstance and enhances the visual experience with spectacular floral displays… Give her a shout and discover what she can do for you.”


PetaPixel is a blog about photography geared towards tech-savvy photo-enthusiasts.

Digital Photography School: A community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in our understanding of photography.

The Big Picture: News stories in photographs. (A daily read for me)

Nikon Rumors: Anything and everything you want (or didn’t know you wanted) to know about past, present, and future Nikon cameras.

Photography Blog: Camera, lens, and printer reviews, as well as news from around the photography world.

COLOSSAL: A Chicago-based blog that “explores the intersection of art, design, and physical craft.”

Cuba Gallery Blog: This is a blog that constantly astounds me with the great before-and-after images they produce. They also offer Lightroom tutorials and presets.

Ken Rockwell: I generally agree with most of Ken’s camera and lens reviews. If you’re looking to buy a new Nikon camera or lens, read what he has to say first.

Deidre Lynn Photography: Deidre is a wonderfully talented photographer from the Peoria, Illinois area who constantly inspires me with her images.

Jose Villa Photography: A Southern California photographer, Jose Villa is one of the best in the business.

Jeremy Cowart: He’s made quite an impact in the industry since he began taking pictures professionally in 2005.

Chase Jarvis: Chase inspires me, and he should inspire you too.

The Windy Pixel: While the website is now defunct, The Windy Pixel provided great HDR photography of Chicago and inspired me during its existence. (Link is to Flickr)

Stuck In Customs: The benefit of HDR to the photography landscape is debatable, but Trey Ratcliff is one of the foremost photographers in this field.  He has great images from around the globe.

Light Stalking: A fun blog written by multiple contributors about getting better at photography.

No Pattern Blog: Chuck Anderson, whose dad was my pastor when I was growing up, is a very talented graphic designer. He has recently been featured in ESPN the Magazine.

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