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The Lorimer Family | Austin Family Photography

What a joy it was to get together with these four to take their pictures. You couldn’t have asked for a nicer day or a nicer family!  I’ve known Courtney for a while now, through work, and had heard a lot of stories about her family – especially about her two kids, Luke and Kate.  It was awesome to finally meet them.  Luke was quite the character and always had a smile on his face; Kate was okay with the pictures to start, but then decided it was time to start exploring and didn’t want to pose anymore!  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures that resulted – a beautiful Texas afternoon and a beautiful Texas family!

Stella Marie | 5.26.2013

What a sleepy bundle of joy!  Stella Marie was born on May 26 to one of my coworkers (at my real job), and we had the awesome opportunity to hang out with their family and take pictures of their newest little girl.  She fell asleep right near the beginning of the session and thankfully stayed asleep throughout a few different poses.  Good lighting and a sleepy baby always makes for a good newborn session!  Just add a few pink accessories, and there you have it!  Stella is a beautiful little girl – the previews of these pictures on my camera during the photo shoot brought her grandmother to tears.  Hopefully you enjoy them too!





Best of 2012 | People

Lots of firsts in 2012 when it came to portraits! We did our first maternity session, newborn session, and baby sessions, which was awesome. It’s always great to expand your experience/repertoire and get to know lots of fun people.  There’s nothing like seeing your own reflection in the eyes of a newborn baby. In additions to those new experiences, we did a few weddings, an engagement session, and some family portraits for friends’ Christmas cards, which are included at the bottom.  Enjoy!  And keep your eyes open for a few more posts this week.