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The Thompsons | Austin Family Photography

These photos have a special place in my heart.  It was almost 4 years ago now that I first met Trent and Amanda, and during the time that’s elapsed, they became some of our closest friends here in Austin.  We walked thru many ups and downs with them and got to watch their family expand and their girls grow up.  A few months ago, they found out that they would be moving away and asked me and Katie to take some family photos of them before they left.  It was a beautiful Austin day – we spent the afternoon exploring the South Congress area.  The two girls (and the four adults) were real troopers.  Hopefully these pictures accurately display the joy and love of the Thompson family – it’s this same love that they had for everyone around them.  They affected our lives and the lives of many others here in Austin, and we will miss them dearly.









The Smiths | Austin Family Photography

I’ve been meaning to put up this blog post for a while, but with all the wedding photo editing, moving, going to China for work, etc. I just kept forgetting. But how could I?  No excuses!  I should have posted the photos of this beautiful family a long time ago!  I mean look at the wonderful smiles on those kids’ faces. We love the times we get to hang out with the Smiths, even if these times come few and far between. They’re a family meant to live in Austin, and we really wish they would move here already.  Anyway, enjoy these photos!  I hope the happiness below rubs off on you just a little.







Everett Michael | Baby Photography

A few highlight images from my photo session with little Everett Michael. I’ve known Everett’s mom for basically my whole life – we went to school together from Kindergarten all the way thru high school.  Their family still lives in Illinois, and although we had initially planned on doing a newborn session during my trip home in September, Everett took a few extra days to arrive!  The timing didn’t work out for that shoot, but we found a way to make it work 3 months later.

Everett is a happy little guy, and I had to make sure to get some close-ups of those big blue eyes. We’re really glad we got the chance to meet him and take some pictures!  Enjoy!