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Jimmy & Vanessa (and Family) | Austin, TX

It’s been awesome getting to know Vanessa and Jimmy over the last few years, and we had an amazing time taking their engagement pictures and soon-to-be family pictures earlier this month.  They’re so much fun!  Thankfully, it didn’t get too hot this afternoon, and we were able to enjoy Butler Park without completely melting.  First, we did some family pictures, then split off from the kids for the engagement shots.  We were so excited to hear about their engagement and can’t wait to photograph the wedding too.  Congrats!














Clayton & Kristen | Austin Engagement

Watch out! There’s an “Off Duty Ninja” in the vicinity. Should this make me feel safer since I know where he is or more worried because he could attack at anytime?!

But seriously, how fun are Clayton and Kristen! You can tell that they love each other and really enjoy making each other laugh.  When I told them to just “do their thing” and I would take pictures of them, they immediately started making funny faces at each other! I can’t wait to be the photographer at their wedding – it’s going to be awesome and a ton of fun.  Congratulations to both of you!












Fourth (of July) Photography

You didn’t think that Fourth Photography would miss the opportunity to take pictures on Fourth of July, did you?  Christmas and Thanksgiving are definitely my two favorite holidays, but Independence Day is a close third.  It was my first FOJ in Austin, and a very memorable one at that.  Four of our friends came to town to visit – we had a breakfast casserole and mimosas to start, went to a cookout/pool party in the afternoon, and finished off the day with fireworks downtown.  Hope your July 4th was as awesome as ours!