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Pennybacker Bridge | Austin, Texas

It’s been a while since I’ve done any HDR photography (which is simply a method of combining multiple bracketed images to create one image with a larger dynamic range than a normal photograph), but I just couldn’t help myself a few nights ago. As I’ve mentioned previously, I can’t stand when people use HDR to create some ridiculously phony looking picture (Google it), but that’s just personal preference. I like to utilize it in a minimal way to effectively re-create the image as I remember my eyes seeing it, since our eyes have significantly higher dynamic range than our cameras. Hopefully I was able to do that here. This is the Pennybacker Bridge – the portion of Capital of Texas Highway 360 that spans Lake Austin. You can see the skyscrapers of the Austin skyline peeking out over the horizon just to the left of the bridge in each photo.  Enjoy!



January Sunset

Austin, thus was your sunset on January 29, 2013. Now you will never forget.

Jan29-Sunset-1 Jan29-Sunset-2 Jan29-Sunset-3 Jan29-Sunset-4

Capitol Sunset

I know that it’s been too long since I’ve posted on the blog when I need to update 6 of my plugins and WordPress itself when I sign back in.  Sorry about that folks.  Anyways, I posted one picture from this set on my Facebook fan page (if you’re not a fan yet, you can click “Like” at that link) and on Twitter earlier this month, but there were several others that I thought I should share.

A little background behind this set of images: my wife was out of town, I was bored, so I decided to go take pictures of the Capitol in the sunset from the roof of a parking garage near I-35 in Austin.  Obviously, I wasn’t allowed on top of said parking garage, since it’s part of a medical complex near campus, but it took about an hour before the inevitable security guard came trotting out to give me the boot.  In the meantime, I took these pictures!  Hope you enjoy this unique view of the Capitol – I haven’t seen many other photos from this angle.  And yes, I had to end it with the classic “burnt orange” sky.