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Mike & Brittany | Chicago Engagement Photography

While visiting my family & Katie’s family in Illinois this holiday week, we were able to carve out some time to spend with friends.  My best friend, Mike, and his fiancee, Brittany, already had tickets to the Friday afternoon Cubs game, so we decided to join them, but not before a detour through the South Pond area of Lincoln Park Zoo to take some engagement pictures!  I have always wanted to take engagement or wedding pictures at this location because of the really cool architecture and the combination of the outdoor/natural feel with the awesome views of the Chicago skyline.  (The Hancock Building, left, and the Sears Tower, faint right, are both shown in second picture below, which I love.)  And it works out perfect when you also get to hang out with really good friends who recently got engaged!  Anyway, we spent about an hour and half taking pictures before finally catching a cab up to Wrigley Field, buying some pizza, scalping two tickets for me and Katie, and then watching the Cubs lose to the Pirates (sigh).  It was a lot of fun, and nothing beats Chicago in the summer (Chicago in the fall is pretty close, though).  These few images below were just the first few to catch my eye as I was reviewing them in Lightroom – expect more to come in the near future!  Congrats to Mike & Brittany!  Can’t wait for the wedding in September!






Zilker Park Trail of Lights

Welcome to 2013!  I wanted to do a quick post on here with some pictures from the Zilker Park Trail of Lights here in Austin.  I posted all of these on Facebook already, but why have a photography blog if I’m not going to put my photography on it?  For the last two years – my only years in Austin, there was no Trail of Lights due to budget issues, so this was my first visit!  Here’s a brief description of the Trail: Zilker Park is the largest park in Austin and is surrounded by a circular drive where people normally park their cars, but during the time of the Trail, Zliker is shut down and all the lights and various scenes are setup along this circular drive.  You park nearby (or far away) and walk thru the trail, which ends at the huge Christmas Tree made of lights. “The Zilker Tree stands 155 feet tall and is composed of 39 streamers, each holding 81 multicolored, 25-watt bulbs – totaling 3,309 lights” (from  It’s pretty impressive in person, and a lot of fun to stand underneath and spin around (last picture).  Hope all my blog readers had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I’ll be doing a “Best of 2012” coming up soon!







Clayton & Kristen | Austin Engagement

Watch out! There’s an “Off Duty Ninja” in the vicinity. Should this make me feel safer since I know where he is or more worried because he could attack at anytime?!

But seriously, how fun are Clayton and Kristen! You can tell that they love each other and really enjoy making each other laugh.  When I told them to just “do their thing” and I would take pictures of them, they immediately started making funny faces at each other! I can’t wait to be the photographer at their wedding – it’s going to be awesome and a ton of fun.  Congratulations to both of you!