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Baby Brooks | 4.20.16

Malorie Bridals

I’ve been really hit-or-miss recently (mostly miss) with blog posts and updates on here, but Malorie was definitely not a “miss” in her bridal portraits.  These are from last year, and I can’t believe I hadn’t posted them yet!  How awesome did she look!  I’ll also be posting highlights from their wedding a little bit later, but for now, just enjoy these images taken on a warm summer afternoon in Austin.  Some of these were taken on the grounds of the Capitol and even inside – we weren’t sure whether this would be a problem, but it ended up being the perfect setting.













Jimmy & Vanessa | 6.22.2013

This past weekend, we had the privilege to see two people that we’ve known for a few years finally tie the knot!  Not only that, but we got to take pictures of it too!  I’ve known Jimmy and Vanessa for what seems like the entire time that I’ve lived in Texas and gotten to know each of their families too.  The great part: now they’re one big family!  It’s been awesome to see what God’s done in each of their lives and how He brought them together.  After doing Jimmy & Vanessa’s engagement photos back in May, we had been looking forward to their wedding day, and it was beautiful.  Katie and I were really excited to be the photographers, and we’re also really excited how the pictures turned out.  Usually, I just do a small “sneak preview” with only a few images, but there were so many good ones, I just had to post a bunch!  Add a comment if you’d like, and let me know what YOU think!  Also, feel free to LIKE the Fourth Photography Facebook page while you’re at it!

Congrats to Jimmy & Vanessa Jackson!