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Jimmy & Vanessa | 6.22.2013

This past weekend, we had the privilege to see two people that we’ve known for a few years finally tie the knot!  Not only that, but we got to take pictures of it too!  I’ve known Jimmy and Vanessa for what seems like the entire time that I’ve lived in Texas and gotten to know each of their families too.  The great part: now they’re one big family!  It’s been awesome to see what God’s done in each of their lives and how He brought them together.  After doing Jimmy & Vanessa’s engagement photos back in May, we had been looking forward to their wedding day, and it was beautiful.  Katie and I were really excited to be the photographers, and we’re also really excited how the pictures turned out.  Usually, I just do a small “sneak preview” with only a few images, but there were so many good ones, I just had to post a bunch!  Add a comment if you’d like, and let me know what YOU think!  Also, feel free to LIKE the Fourth Photography Facebook page while you’re at it!

Congrats to Jimmy & Vanessa Jackson!






















COTA: Circuit of the Americas | Austin, TX

Add this place to your “List of Things To Do” when you visit Austin. The new race track in southeast Austin is worth the trip. Built in 2012 to be America’s new home for F1, you feel like you’re in another country or world, where the only thing that matters is speed.  There is literally nothing else for miles, as you can see from a few pictures below.  Miles of Texas countryside and then a massive racetrack with a very well-designed main tower.  Not only does the race track host auto events, but there are concerts there now too!  A few friends and I had the opportunity to go to the afternoon trials before the Grand Am a few months ago.

At the time, I didn’t own a telephoto lens, but I decided to rent one from Precision Camera, an awesome local camera store here in Austin.  Unfortunately, the one I wanted to rent was already checked out, but one of the employees (who wanted to go but had to work) cut me a deal and allowed me to rent a better lens for the price of the original one, as long as I sent him some of my pictures.  See below.









































Pennybacker Bridge | Austin, Texas

It’s been a while since I’ve done any HDR photography (which is simply a method of combining multiple bracketed images to create one image with a larger dynamic range than a normal photograph), but I just couldn’t help myself a few nights ago. As I’ve mentioned previously, I can’t stand when people use HDR to create some ridiculously phony looking picture (Google it), but that’s just personal preference. I like to utilize it in a minimal way to effectively re-create the image as I remember my eyes seeing it, since our eyes have significantly higher dynamic range than our cameras. Hopefully I was able to do that here. This is the Pennybacker Bridge – the portion of Capital of Texas Highway 360 that spans Lake Austin. You can see the skyscrapers of the Austin skyline peeking out over the horizon just to the left of the bridge in each photo.  Enjoy!