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Bloom: Before and After

I PROMISE that Europe pictures are coming soon, but I couldn’t help myself with this one – it just needed more attention.  The featured image for this post is titled “Bloom,” and it’s also featured in the previous blog entry.  Bloom is one of those pictures I took, reviewed on my camera screen, and knew right away that I was going to love the final product.  I also knew that what I saw on my camera screen wouldn’t be nearly the same as the final product.  Normally, I don’t let everyone in on the behind-the-scenes stuff, but this time, I decided to do just that.

I use Adobe Lightroom pretty extensively to enhance every picture before I publicize it.  Lightroom is an essential tool for importing picture files, selecting the photos I want to edit, publishing them, and creating archives of old “albums” of imported images.  Most people think about Photoshop when they hear “editing photos,” but I haven’t touched Photoshop in months.  IN FACT, I only have Photoshop Elements installed on my computer right now – not even a full version of Photoshop.  Anyways, I used almost all the “weapons” in the Lightroom “arsenal” to get the final product just the way I wanted.

Miramar Air Station

During my company’s National Sales Meeting in California last year, we had the opportunity to visit Miramar Air Station – a Marine training base near San Diego.  During the bus ride to the base, no one (besides a select few) knew where we were heading for the evening’s event, but they had given all of us a pair of aviator sunglasses.  It was a great opportunity to meet these brave men and women in our armed forces and see some of the machines they use to defend the cause of freedom around the world.  After touring the planes, we ate dinner at the base.  Interesting fact – Miramar Air Base was the filming location of the movie Top Gun.  Hope you enjoy these photos I took on site.