Spring in February

As you all know, the weather in Austin, Texas is slightly different than the weather to which I am accustomed in Illinois.  I’m still getting used to the three seasons here: way-too-hot, not-as-hot, one-cold-week-where-everyone-complains.  We actually saw some snow during the one-cold-week, which was refreshing. But now it’s the end of February: this means that in Texas and on the major league baseball schedule it is time for spring.

I will be selling my Nikon 55-200mm VR lens since the internal auto-focus motor broke.  The repair would cost almost as much, if not more, than buying a new lens.  But while I still have it in my possession, I thought I’d use it (and my D300, of course) to capture some spring scenes from the front balcony of my apartment (yes, I have two balconies).  As you can see from the below images, it’s not completely necessary to have a lens that can autofocus.  Hope you enjoy the “before and after” feature!

Spring Light




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    Judy 27 Feb ’11

    These pictures are phenomenal, Billy. Framed in plain black and appropriate mattes – give them for Christmas presents, put them in your next art of photography show.

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    Anne 27 Feb ’11

    Wow. These are beautiful.

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    Vanessa 28 Feb ’11

    Love love love these!!! wish it was warmer here! I love the Bee’s wings!! PS how do you feel about shooting a wedding July 28 2012… just saying 🙂

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    Kevin 4 Mar ’11

    Nice pics Billi ! Some crazy bokeh goin on there..was that a f/2.8 lens? Hey i’ll be in austin this month…we shld meet up..and take some more bokehlicious pics ! Like the blog btw..

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    Brooke 6 Apr ’11

    Billy, you sure do know how to take a gorgeous photo!!

    • ivwilsoniv 17 Apr ’11

      Thanks, Brooke! I really liked how these turned out as well. It was just a spur of the moment thing. The trees were in bloom, the bees were out, and the sun was just going down which made for perfect lighting. I was going to be selling my zoom lens later that week, so I wanted to use it for one last set of images!

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    simona 28 Apr ’11

    hi, i absolutely love that first picture. i found it a while ago and saved it as one of my favorite spring inspirations. today i made mention of it in my blog. just wanted to let you know, i thought everybody likes a little attention 🙂
    your other photography is beautiful as well!

    • ivwilsoniv 28 Apr ’11

      Thanks, Simona! I was really happy with how all these pictures turned out too. If you want to buy that first one, you can on Redbubble.

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