My photo “Cakes” was honored as the Light & Composition Photo of the Day for March 7th, similar to my photo “Mozart’s Snowflake” for March 5. I included another of the pictures that I took of those cupcakes below as a benefit for those who took the time to check out my blog. Here’s a little more about the picture:

Everyone loves a birthday party. My girlfriend’s (now fiancee’s) family was excited to celebrate the first birthday of the newest member of the family – Avalyn. Her great-grandparents hosted the birthday party at their farm in Illinois, and many of the cousins, uncles, and aunts brought treats and presents. These were some of the cupcakes made for Avalyn’s party. Stacked as they were, it presented a perfect situation to capture an image with a small depth of field. Unfortunately, I didn’t own a prime lens at the time, so f/5.6 had to suffice.

Technical Info: Nikon D50 | Exposure: 1/125 | Aperture: f/5.6 | ISO: 400 | EV: +0.7

Technical Info: Nikon D50 | Exposure: 1/15 | Aperture: f/5 | ISO: 800 | EV: -0.7

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