The Stolen Scream

This isn’t a post specifically about one person’s photography as much as it is a post about what happened to one person’s photography.  In a day and age where information is shared in real time over the internet and sometime it’s hard to track where your words, images, and thoughts end up, here’s a story that’s more-or-less a wakeup call to everyone.  Whether or not you’re a photographer, this video is pretty interesting.

On his website,, Noam Galai, a Jewish photographer from New York, briefly recaps the story: “About two years after publishing photos of myself screaming on the Flickr, I discovered that my face was ‘for sale’ in several stores around the world, as well as on the Web and spotted it in places like Spain, Iran, Mexico, England and many other places. When I realized that its [sic] not a one-time-thing and my face is being used in so many places i decided to start collecting images/videos of all my ‘appearances’. Check out my Scream Blog where i post all the different photos i find with my face .”


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    Michelle Harris 21 May ’11

    ctrl + c
    ctrl + v

    (haha) thanks for sharing

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    John 21 May ’11

    Amazing story! thanks for sharing… learned a lot from this.

    By the way – the first link you gave is broken. it works if i copy-paste it, but not when i click on it.

    • ivwilsoniv 21 May ’11

      I’m glad you both enjoyed the post! And John, I fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up.

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